Here are 10 of the Most Desired Tech Jobs in 2018

It might be helpful to consider the history of these jobs in order to put it in context. Tabulation of work was created when agricultural societies were founded. Its purpose was to keep things in perspective since our minds are too abstracted to store data about charts and tables. As technology evolved, tabulation became more complex and data was stored in a cloud.
Science has evolved to include a variety of philosophies that focus on optimizing any task. Every corporation has seen this trend and has linked it to profit. That is, optimizing production directly affects profit generation.
This has led to companies actively searching for ‘top tech talent’.
It is encouraging to see the trend in IT jobs from a qualitative perspective. The advancements in operating systems and common codes bases have created a platform for different corporations, allowing them to create ideal personal solutions. This is to say that firms feel more individual, as they can easily customize solutions. This trend is directly related to technological advancements, which directly increase the demand for such jobs.
Companies are forced to outsource their work to companies that specialize in the task. This directly affects the efficiency and results in companies having to create departments that focus on optimization. The IT department has opened the doors to highly-paid and purposeful jobs.

1. Java Developer ($98,000 average salary)
Java is a programming language that is more popular than other languages. The package offers certain services. You can create software that is compatible with different operating system. This is impossible without a Java developer. You will be handling the influx of requests from both customers and your company.
Java developers can perform any combination of the following tasks in any company:
To combine the requirements and specifications of the company and the users, you need to work with developers, web designers, and software engineers.
To create a Java-based sourcecode that can be used by web developers, web designers, and software engineers, you must now consider the needs of the company and the user.
The last step is intuitive. Without constant testing, no program can be fully optimized or completed.
2. Software Engineer (average salary $93,000)
This job requires you to be mathematically accurate. You’ll be using algorithms and principles in computer science to create software and systems that enable operating systems. You will be the one solving puzzles for yourself; it is amazing the paths software engineers have paved for the future computer.
The following is your job description:
Analyze the user’s needs and create the mathematical puzzle you need to solve.
These puzzles can be solved using mathematical quantitative techniques.
Programming techniques can be used to create the script that the operating system needs to perform the function.
3. Systems Engineer (average salary $91,000)
The systems engineer is an integral part of the system development process. The system engineer will be responsible for debugging the system and ensuring that it runs at its best. You will be the person to call for assistance with any system-related issues. Additionally, you will be responsible for software and hardware modifications. Your task is significant as you will be responsible for implementing new systems.
These are the requirements for your job:
To determine if a new system is needed, consult with the consumers.
You may need to debug existing software or develop new systems based on the need. Additionally, you may need to upgrade the hardware to optimize the system. This will depend on your business perspective.
You will be responsible for the inventory and office payrolls in many companies.
4. Network Engineer (average salary $91,000)
Your job will be to create the bridge for communication intra-organizational and inter-organizational. Your goal is to optimize the network infrastructure so that it provides maximum performance for users. Customers, employees, and partners will all be users.
What will your job description include?
Establishment of the network infrastructure.
Take stock of the existing infrastructure and design and implement new solutions.
Secure your network by following the IT security protocol.
Prioritization of data

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