Learn how to create modern web applications with the Developing on AWS Course

Organizations in the digital space have made it their top priority to build business agility, innovate, and respond quickly to customer needs. They have spent time and effort migrating their workloads to the cloud, automating processes, as well as adopting new app development practices to help them achieve their goals and provide better customer experiences. They have been inspired to look at new ways of modernizing their apps and software. Instead of building web applications as monolithic structures over a foundation in the past, organizations today are opting for microservices-based applications that can provide them with the flexibility, agility, and resilience they need to meet market demands.
Microservices – Modernizing the app development process
This article explains how AWS Microservices can help your organization build modern web apps and why you should enroll in the new Developing on AWS course. It will also explain how to improve your web application development skills.
Web applications were built upon a solid foundation. Functions or features were then added to the monolithic and made interdependent. It was difficult to build such web applications. It was also difficult to incorporate changes during development. Cloud computing made it possible to make web applications more flexible and streamlined the development process. Modern cloud apps are built using Agile and DevOps methods.
Microservices are a way to develop software products. The organization splits the product into smaller, independent services. Each microservice is developed by small teams. These services can easily communicate with each other via an API.

Shorter development time
Cloud teams can reduce costs by optimizing resource usage
It is easy to scale resources, which leads to improved app performance.
It is easy to develop and deploy features.
The web apps are highly resistant to failure because each microservice component can be used independently.
AWS Development
Developing on AWS is an intermediate-level program for software developers, solution architects, and professionals who want to learn how to create apps on AWS. It lasts three days.
This course teaches you how to programmatically interact and interact with AWS services. AWS SDKs, AWS CLIs, are essential to cloud-based web application development. Practical training will be provided on how to use AWS SDK, AWS CLI and Amazon S3 for operations such as DynamoDB and Amazon S3, as well AWS Lambda.
The training program will teach you how to create modern apps using microservices architecture. You will learn about the benefits of microservices as well as the different approaches to building apps.
AWS recently released an update to the Developing on AWS course. AWS’ latest update aims to promote modern web app development in the cloud. The AWS training program covers most of the latest features of AWS services. The course can be taken and you will be able to prepare for the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification exam.

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