CompTIA CASP+ training will help you build your career as Security Architect

Security architects design, organize, manage, and monitor security architectures that are focused on specific tasks or campaigns. They are responsible for conducting frequent testing, such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and risk evaluation.
Security architects stay informed about the latest technology and are aware of the dangers of creating countermeasures. They are often responsible for pioneering awareness training efforts.
Security Architect Skills
A successful cybersecurity architect must have many of these hard skills:
Understanding Windows, Linux, and UNIX

Knowledge of the ISO 27001/27002, ITIL and COBIT systems

Working knowledge of frontier protection measures like firewalls, intrusion detection systems and prevention (IDS/IPS), network login control controls and network segmentation.

Description and creation of a network security architecture

A vast knowledge of cordless security components, such as ports and routers, is required.

Knowledge of DNS security concepts like route discovery, verification VPN, proxies and DDOS mitigation techniques

Working knowledge of cloud risk analysis and third-party audits

CompTIA CASP+ Certification
CompTIA’s Advanced Security Practitioner certification (CASP+), is for technical workers who want to stay in technology and not manage the company. You must pass the CAS004 exam to earn it.
Cybersecurity executives look for ways to implement the regulations and guidelines. CASP+ certified specialists help them find the best solutions. CompTIA CASP+ certification validates enterprise security integration, cooperation, and risk mitigation.
Why CASP+ Certification?
The CASP+ certification validates you superior cybersecurity abilities with a globally recognized credential.
CASP+ is the only hands-on, process-oriented and vendor-neutral cybersecurity certification that senior practitioners can obtain at the advanced level.

CASP+ covers both security architecture as well as engineering development.

CASP+ meets the requirements of the United States DoD-8570 and the NICE.

CASP+ holders have the ability to demonstrate this ability:
Architecture, construction, integration, and delivery of secure solutions in complex settings are key to sustaining a sustainable organization.

Automate safety procedures within an organization by tracking, identifying, responding to, and tracking.

Use cloud, on-premises and mobile infrastructure safety protocols, while keeping encryption tools and systems in your mind.

Administration, hazard and compliance impact across the organization

CASP+ trains technology professionals to analyze a company’s cyber readiness and to develop and implement effective solutions to ensure safety.
Exam Details
CASP+’s most recent edition includes at least 90 performance-based and multi-question questions, as well as virtual environments in four categories.
Security Architecture (29%)

Security Operations (30%)

26% Cryptography and Security Engineering

Governance, Risk, Compliance (15%)

This exam takes applicants 165 minutes. This exam is not scored. You either pass or fail. This certification exam retails at US $466.
Minimum Experience
CompTIA recommends that candidates have the CompTIA CySA+ or CompTIA PenTest+ certifications and at least 10 years of broad hands on IT expertise, 5 years of extensive security experience before appearing for the CASP+ test.
Advanced cybersecurity professionals need to be able to use proper vulnerability scans and pen-testing techniques and equipment, as well as collect, assess, deal with, and resolve network traffic discoveries.
After the Certification, there are job prospects and salary
You can get a job as a security engineer, security engineer, technical lead analysis, or/and a application security engineer after completing the CASP+ certificate. Some of the top companies that hire CASP+-certified professionals include Dell, Booz Allen Hamilton and Verizon.
CASP+ certified professionals are expected to earn around US $92,000 annually.
NetCom Learning offers CASP+ Certification
NetCom Learning offers a 5-day instructor-led training, as well as a study guide and exam voucher. You can also take a practice test to help you pass your CASP+ CAS-004 exam. This course will help you gain the skills needed to be an advanced security practitioner. You can also access a free online course on the 5 Pillars and Mastering the New CASP Exam.
If you are just starting out as a security architect but don’t have the necessary certifications, you can check out the CompTIA PenTest+ certification and the CySA+ certification.

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