Ten Reasons to Not Miss the CompTIA EMEA Partner & Member Conference

CompTIA will host an event for its members, the EMEA Partner and Member Conference, which will take place in London, 6-7 October. This is the first time CompTIA has hosted a live event in over 18 months. Here are 10 things you should check out: From new cybersecurity programs to business-building seminars to innovative tech workforce strategies, these are the topics. It may seem like forever since your last business conference. We all look forward to meeting our peers and colleagues to discuss industry trends and other topics. The wait is almost over.
CompTIA will host a live event in London for the first time in over 18 months–the EMEA Partner and Member Conference, 6-7 October.
“It’s going be the event of my year!” Tracy Pound, founder and managing Director of Maximity Ltd., and chair of CompTIA‚Äôs board of directors, stated that it’s been too long since I last saw my wonderful colleagues in UK Business Technology Community. “I’m excited for the opportunity to meet and speak with people in person, catch-up, learn, be inspired, and have fun.”
CompTIA has made sure there is plenty of time for networking, peer-to-peer discussions, and also has a full agenda of content and sessions that are all geared towards growing your business and opening doors.
“This conference has always been a top event on my calendar, but being able to meet peers and the community after only 18 months will make this even more special,” said Hannah Lloyd (Vice President of Channel Sales at inSOC, CompTIA’s 2021 Member-of-the Year). “I cannot wait for the opportunity to catch up with people, congratulate them on their successes during such a difficult period, and also to learn and grow as part of the event.”
For those who can’t attend, several sessions will be recorded and made available for replay after the event. Here’s a preview for those who have registered to attend, or plan to attend:
Anne-Marie Imafidon, State of the Industry Keynote
CompTIA is pleased to welcome Anne-Marie Imafidon (respected speaker, presenter, and co-founder, Stemettes), to discuss the latest technology trends and their implications for your organization. Computer Weekly named Imafidon the most influential woman in UK technology in 2020. She was also listed among the top 10 minority leaders of tech by Inclusive Boards and Financial Times. In 2013, she founded Stemettes to encourage young women to pursue careers as scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and technology.
Examining the Channel’s Responsibility and Role in Cybersecurity
We need to respond faster as cyber threats evolve and develop at lightning speed. There has been so much change in the past few months that it is incumbent on everyone in the tech industry that they are able to respond quickly and appropriately. Holly Grace Williams, Akimbo Core, will moderate a panel that includes Chris Spinks from Yorkshire and Humber’s Regional Cyber Crime Unit and MJ Shiner (senior vice president and executivedirector of CompTIA ISAO).
Shoer stated, “It’s up to us to develop the best practices strategies to protect customers today and tomorrow.”
Success stories of MSP business transformation
It is not an easy task to transform your business. Do you want to start a new business? Sell or buy? Diversify? Amanda Stewart, managing director at Illuminate Technology, says that the key to any decision is not to stop moving forward. Stewart and Adam Morris (managing director of Avagio IT Services) will be discussing lessons learned while improving their own organizations in a panel session.
Stewart said, “For example, creating happy employees.” It is vital to attract young people who are passionate about your business and have energy. We’ll discuss how to find them, how they can be kept and how to help them succeed. You can’t force a square peg into a round hole.
How to Use Threat Intelligence to Enhance Your Cybersecurity Services
Cyber threats are becoming more common and more complex. Sharing information on cyber threats and ransomware is one of the most effective strategies to defend against them. MJ Shoer, senior vice-president and executive director at CompTIA ISAO will lead a session about how to use threat intelligence to improve your security posture. This session will include members’ experiences with the recent Kaseya attack as well as new initiatives to prevent future attacks.
Shoer stated that “the more we help one another, the better we all are protected against bad actors.” “The CompTIA ISAO has evolved into a strong network of security experts who are willing to share their experiences, best practices and analyses. We are excited to expand into EMEA to help improve our collective cyber resilience.
Strategic Marketing in Managed Services Business
Marketing is an important but often overlooked aspect of business.

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