Ten Reasons to Not Miss the CompTIA EMEA Partner & Member Conference

Join us in London 31 October – 01 November for the CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference. Here are 10 things you should know about cybersecurity, mental health, and future-proofing your company. The future of the industry looks more open to opportunity as technology becomes more embedded in society. New technologies have the potential to make organisations more productive, efficient, and profitable around the world. As these companies plan for the future, the demand for IT talent increases. This means that technology professionals have a lot of potential. The 2022 CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference, 31 Oct – 1 Nov is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. The speakers you hear, knowledge you gain, and the people you meet will all be of great benefit to you – all right in London. Here’s a preview: Discover your full potential at the EMEA Partner and Member Conference with CompTIA!

1. Learn the secrets to success from award-winning MSPs
Is there a secret to running a successful MSP business? Our panel of top MSPs knows how to make it happen. This session will allow you to get to know each MSP as they share their stories about how they have grown their businesses, what they could have done differently and the obstacles they faced along the way. You can learn the secrets to their success and make it yours.
2. Todd Thibodeaux, CompTIA CEO, gives you the latest scoop
CompTIA’s goal to be the best place to build, start and supercharge your technology career is to become the most respected. CEO Todd Thibodeaux will discuss the steps we are taking as an organisation to make that a reality. He will also explain Project Agora, our new initiative. We will also discuss how we, as a technology community, can share our stories and knowledge in order to help people succeed in their tech careers.
3. Get More Value From Your Business
How can you maximize the value of your MSP’s? M&A activity is high with MSPs and private equity firms trying to acquire “diamonds of the rough”. As an MSP, how do you assess the value of your business and how to maximize it? This session will teach you how to evaluate your business, and what investors look for when considering M&A deals.
4. Talk to your Solicitor about Cyber Insurance, Contracts, and Other Trends
Courtney Fong, CompTIA’s COO, will lead a panel of legal professionals on the most pressing issues facing technology service providers today. The panel will discuss trends and cybersecurity insurance, the potential for required cybersecurity insurance, and the evolving nature cybersecurity negligence litigation.
5. Talk about the importance of mental health in our industry
The tech sector must pay attention to metal health. Howard MacKinnon from Canon UK & Ireland, Channel Development L&D joins us as we remove the stigma surrounding mental health. How can we help our employees and ourselves stay healthy? Let’s be vulnerable and open in this important conversation.
6. Unlock the Potential in Your Workforce
Tech has no boundaries, and neither should its workforce. Learn about the strategies companies use to develop tech talent and the skills they are using to transform their businesses. This session will show you how to unlock more tech talent and drive significant growth.
7. Be Prepared for and Navigate Economic Uncertainty
You may not be able to control the nature of global economics. However, you can learn what to do and what not to do during an economic crisis. We will discuss how planning and preparation can help you navigate economic crises, and what you can do to minimize the impact of a recession on your business.
8. Hear Kevin Keegan, Football Great!
Kevin Keegan, a Liverpool legend and former European Footballer Of The Year, is one of the UK’s most beloved players and managers. In 1999, he was appointed manager of the national team. Kevin shares his leadership perspectives based on his experience, including how to motivate a team and inspire extraordinary endeavors.
9. Get Leveled Up with a Genius Café Appointment
CompTIA solution provider members can book 25-minute appointments to receive advice on a variety of topics and challenges, including cybersecurity, sales and marketing, leadership, CompTIA training paths, objectives, and key results. Don’t miss Nancy Rademaker’s 30-minute presentation on improving your presentation skills.
10. Check out the Lat

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