CompTIA 2021 Cybersecurity Statistics: 10 Important Statistical Figures

CompTIA’s 2021 focus was cybersecurity. This produced a lot of data and content detailing how MSPs and other tech companies responded to recent cyberattacks, ransomware attacks, hacks and other criminal behavior. We selected 10 key cybersecurity statistics from the past 12 months. These include businesses’ current cyber prowess and cyber insurance. Businesses also worry about being targeted. CompTIA’s 2021 focus was on cybersecurity. Our research team, Cybersecurity Advisory Council and Cybersecurity Community all produced a lot information and data about how tech companies respond to cyberattacks, ransomware and other cybercriminal behavior.
We have analyzed all the information we published and pulled 10 important cybersecurity statistics over the past 12 months. These include businesses’ current views on cyber prowess, cyber insurance, and concerns about being targeted.
37% are Very or Very Concerned about their Organization’s Cyber Resilience
A LinkedIn poll of over 900 CompTIA members revealed that 37% are either very or somewhat concerned (21%)
Additionally, only 27% of respondents are confident in their organization’s cyber resilience. This is a sign that businesses still have a lot to do.
One person said, “The moment your content with security is the moment you fail.”
42% of Companies Have Cyber Insurance
This means that 58% of the other 58% don’t. While 26% indicated they are at least considering it for now, a shocking 32% stated they are not interested. One commenter said, “They will after they have a breach.” Isn’t that how it always works? CompTIA recently partnered up with The Hartford to offer cybersecurity coverage to members to help protect MSPs from unforeseen liabilities and data breach. Click here for more details.
Cyber insurance is not required by 65% of businesses
According to Brian Weiss (CompTIA ISAO member, CEO of ITECH Solutions in San Luis Obispo), cyber insurance should be standard for both your company and your customers. In November, Weiss stated that cyber insurance is something that your clients already pay for. A LinkedIn poll found that 65% of respondents said they don’t need it. Surprisingly, 22% of those polled said their customers don’t need cyber insurance.
69% Believe Cybersecurity is improving

Although 69% may seem like a large number of people who believe we are becoming more cyber-resilient, it is actually lower than 80% in 2020 according to CompTIA’s 2021 State of Cybersecurity research. The number of people who believe cybersecurity is getting worse has risen to 16% in 2021, from 11% the previous year. According to the report, “Prolonged pandemic uncertainty and ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure as well as supply chain attacks rippling across the business landscape were all likely contributors of a more pessimistic mood.”
The No. 1 issue driving cybersecurity is the number of hackers Cybersecurity is the #1 Issue
According to the 2021 State of Cybersecurity report, businesses face many challenges when it comes to cyber resilience planning and evaluating their security investments. However, the most important factors are the volume (chosen 49% of respondents) as well as the variety of attacks (chosen 43%).
“Next, they are concerned with protecting their customers’ privacy. They are also dealing with increasing reliance on data to support business operations, the ability of quantifying cybersecurity efforts to justify investments, as well as the various skills required for success. According to the report, companies may underestimate many of these issues. Regulatory compliance is expected to be a major problem moving forward.”
62% of MSPs are Very Concerned about Being Targeted
According to CompTIA’s 2021 MSP trends in Cybersecurity document, nearly two-thirds of MSPs stated they are very concerned about cybersecurity attacks that could be used to access customer networks. Only 8% of MSPs said they aren’t concerned about being targeted. According to the report, MSPs are taking multiple steps in order to mitigate these risks. These include more engagement with security vendors and increasing security budgets and investment, requiring staff members to pursue and update security certificates, and hiring security professionals such as a CISO.
31% of CompTIA ISAO members earned an A Risk Rating
CompTIA ISAO members now have the CompTIA ISAO cyber risk rating, powered by SecurityScorecard. This calculates an organization’s cyber risk.

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