WinDocks is now available in the AWS Marketplace.NET developers are looking for a simpler way to spin up Windows Server 2012-based Docker container instances in the Amazon Web Services Inc.(AWS) cloud. WinDocks now makes its tools, including its Docker engine port, which was developed in partnership with NetApp and Cisco, available in the AWS Marketplace. WinDocks uses NetApp’s Flexcone technology to clone on flexible storage and LUNs for container performance. A company press release states that a containerized application can be provisioned in a cloud using a private database of 1TB in 45 seconds. “WinDocks containers can be lightweight, and a team can have identical container environments on a single VM. WinDocks is available in the AWS Marketplace, giving Windows developers and SQL Server DBAs the ability to do Docker-based programming on Windows Server 2012. This includes.NET, SQL Server, and Windows application containers in AWS cloud. WinDocks comes in four flavors:

  • WinDocks Community Edition and SQL Server 2012 Express: This edition can be run on Windows Server 2012-based containers and allows developers to spin up five containers free of charge.
  • WinDocks CE and SQL Server 2014 Express: Windows Server 2012 R2 is supported; up to five containers are free.
  • WinDocks SQL+ Standard with SQL Server 2012 Standard: Runs under Windows Server 2012 R2; this subscription is pay-as you go with the option to pay annually.
  • WinDocks SQL+ Standard with SQL Server 2014 Standard: Works on Windows Server 2012 R2, with pay as you go/annual subscription options.

Find out more about WinDocks by clicking here. WinDocks can be purchased in the AWS Marketplace by clicking here.

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