Why should you play CTF?

To advance in your career, it is essential to learn new skills. Particularly if you work in Cybersecurity, where there are always new challenges. You can only stay relevant by constantly learning and updating your skills. There are many ways that a Cybersecurity professional can keep up-to-date on the latest trends, tools, and developments. CTF (Capture the Flag) is one of the many fun ways security professionals can sharpen their skills.

This section outlines the reasons you should consider participating in the CTF events.
What is a CTF?
CTFs are competitions that aim to improve and test the skills and knowledge of information security professionals. Hackers use real hacking tools in order to break into the system and find vulnerabilities. Once exploited, they can capture an encrypted string. This string is called a flag. The captured flag is evidence that the player has found a weakness in the system.
There are three types: Attack-defense, jeopardy, and Mixed. You can either play solo or as part of a team.

Here are some reasons why you should consider participating in CTF events
Here are some reasons to consider participating in the CTF events.
CTFs can be fun

CTFs events can be fun because they allow you to solve some tricky and exciting hacking problems. You can test your Cybersecurity skills and learn from other like-minded individuals. Many CTF event organizers include narration and gamification to make the challenges more fun. The scoreboard is always available, which increases the sense of healthy and beneficial competition.
Encourage team spirit

You can play CTF solo, but it is much more fun to play in a team. There may be members with different talents, skills, or weaknesses in a team. Team members must work together and support one another in order to accomplish a task. This helps you build a team spirit and solve problems with people of different backgrounds and skill sets. This is a valuable experience that no college or book can teach you.
Venture into a new field:

CTF lets you explore other areas than the one you are already familiar with. CTF games allow you to explore other areas of expertise, such as web exploitation and programming. CTF allows you to explore and become familiar with other areas and expertise that may interest you.
Learn how to deal with failure

Your first CTF experience may not be as you expected. Individuals who have never participated before in a CTF competition are allowed to be afraid of failure. They are often worried about their lack of knowledge and skills. It can seem daunting to be afraid of competing. For newbies, it can be difficult to participate in the first CTF competition. Participating in your first CTF competition is important as it will motivate you to take part in more contests and do better. While it can be disappointing to fail, you must continue to improve your skills and give your best.
Increase your confidence

CTF competitors who do well are more likely to feel confident and be able to solve more difficult problems. Don’t get too excited. Confidence is a good thing, but not arrogance. Your knowledge and skills are constantly tested in a competitive field like Information Security. Learning should never stop.
Practice makes you better

CTF competitions allow you to improve the skills you have already acquired. You can use your hacking skills in a controlled and protected environment that allows you to legally do so. Many CTF vulnerabilities are based upon real-world scenarios. Keep up to date with the latest news

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