Tool Tracks Use, Costs for AWS & Other Hybrid Clouds

Cloud Cruiser, a hybrid cloud analytics company, today announced a new tool to gather usage and cost metrics. This will allow Cloud Cruiser to deliver analytics from Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), and other clouds.
The company stated that CloudSmart-Now is a set pre-configured templates that can be used to collect detailed usage data and cost data from (AWS), Azure, Windows Azure Pack (WAP), VMware, OpenStack, and OpenStack. “This robust solution was designed and built from scratch to measure usage by user and cost across the widest range of hybrid clouds.
According to the company, the product gives enterprises real-time reports that help them spot waste in IT resources, compare costs, and forecast future demand.
The product includes pre-configured collectors, built-in data mapping business structure data structures, and report templates. Additionally, the product has an automated workflow that allows enterprises to easily distribute reports to business users.
Cloud Cruiser stated that the tool allows organizations to identify individual users and departments, thereby identifying who incurs the highest cloud costs. It also offers demand-side views that show who is using which services, and a supply-side view that complements the department breakdown.
Fraser McKay, an executive, stated that hybrid cloud is a reality for most businesses. “Efficiencies and cost reduction are the single most important areas of improvement.” Low-cost cloud is a great promise, but it’s not unlimited. Without tracking and measuring, sprawl and anarchy quickly sneak in. This problem is directly addressed by a single solution that can manage all hybrid cloud environments. This new package solution makes it easy to manage what you don’t measure.

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