Tips to Pass the CISM Exam in Your First Attempt

The ISACA’s Certified Information Security Manager Certification (CISM), was created to encourage the use of international security techniques. The CISM course focuses upon managerial skills and certified professionals are internationally preferred for the position of Information Security manager. CISM is a popular course in Information Security.
It teaches international security practices and managerial skills.
It validates your management, designing, and overseeing skills.
Minimum 5 years experience in information security work within the last 10 years before certification, and 3 years must have been spent in management.
Those who have passed the exam unanimously agree that it is difficult but worth it. Once you pass the exam, you will immediately experience the benefits of the CISM certification program. The exam’s curriculum is intended to assess candidates’ knowledge and experience in four areas of information security.
Information security management
Information risk management and compliance
Management and development of information security programs
Management of information security incidents
This certification allows you to understand the relationship between information security programs and larger business goals.
Keep up-to-date with ISACA’s Exam Candidate Guide
ISACA publishes this guide every year.
It contains all information about the exam, including registration deadlines and key details to exam-day administration.
It also contains important information like the exam domains, number of questions, exam length, and languages.
It is not recommended to take the CISM exam if you have not read this guide.
Preparing for the Exam: Choose Your Study Material Carefully
The CISM Certification can only be earned if you have thoroughly studied the syllabus and practiced the exam multiple times. This certification is approved by ISACA. It is best to thoroughly read the ISACA exam candidate guide. It is a bad idea to attempt the CISM exam in a hurry without reading the exam guide.
The CISM Review Manual can be a great resource for answering most of the questions.
It can be found on the official ISACA site under CISMA Exam Resources.
This guide is a comprehensive reference for candidates looking for task and knowledge statements, self assessment questions, suggested resources, further reading, and a glossary covering all exam concepts.
You can use it in both its hardcopy format and in the e-book format.
ISACA also provides review/self-assessment exams are also available on this site.
Increase Managerial Mindset
CISM focuses more on managerial skills so it is important that candidates develop their managerial mindset. A business-oriented approach is the best way to pass the CISM exam. When attempting to find the answer, one should not only consider technical details but also consider the effects of finance and company strategy.
Plan your study hours carefully
The study schedule must be well planned and executed in order to obtain the CISM certification.
Preparation should begin 3 to 4 months before the exam
Advance preparation involves practicing and learning for the exam in order to pass it within the time limit. Preparation should include understanding the format of the exam, and gathering all relevant information.
You should dedicate 2 to 3 hours of your day to studying.
This certification covers a variety of topics related to information security. It is important that you thoroughly study each topic. Consistent study helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the course content.

It is important to have a relaxed mind and a positive attitude.
It is a healthy habit to reach the exam well before the time.
Keep calm and be kind to others

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