How do you become an AWS Solution Architect

Amazon Web Services, which provides everything from cloud services to E-commerce, is one of the most well-known companies worldwide. AWS is a cloud computing service that many organizations use because it can help you with everything, from content delivery to data migration.

Cloud computing professionals have many career options, as more organizations use AWS. AWS Solution Architect is the most sought-after AWS certification. Let’s find out how to become one.
Let’s start with
Who is an AWS Solution architect?
An AWS Solution Architect’s primary responsibility is to help you deploy your apps on the AWS platform. This is a cloud computing platform.
While you can deploy your apps on the cloud yourself, it can be very difficult for organizations to do so. An AWS Solutions Architect can help. AWS Solutions Architects are responsible for migrating an organization’s physical infrastructure to cloud. They also design cloud infrastructure that reduces costs and addresses factors such as reliability, scalability and performance.

How to become a Certified AWS Solutions Administrator:
Note: AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification is not easy. You cannot just do practice tests to pass it. This exam is entirely scenario-based and can only be passed by those who have had hands-on experience using AWS services.
Let’s now look at the seven steps that you need to take to become an AWS Solutions architect:1. Get AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification
You can attend the AWS Solutions Architect certification exam, but if you don’t have any AWS engineering background, I strongly recommend that you take this certification first to strengthen your foundations. It is easy to pass and takes approximately two weeks.
I believe that even if you have some experience and knowledge with AWS, this exam can still be taken. It may expose you to AWS services you may not have tried before.
Here are some personal tips to help you achieve this certification
Make sure to take notes and use them as a guide in your preparation.
2. Do ACGs AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate Course: If you are a complete beginner, the ACGs AWS certification solutions architect course is not enough to cover all the basics of AWS. However, it is an amazing course that will help you prepare for your exam.
Here are some personal tips to help you achieve this certification
It is extremely useful to have detailed notes, as we’ve already mentioned.
Don’t forget to get hands on lab experience. I recommend that you adopt AWS to learn AWS.
3. A deep understanding of specific AWS services is required: As I mentioned, ACGs AWS Solution Architect – The associate course is not sufficient for a beginner. Also, you need to be familiar with the following AWS services:
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud: Amazon VPC allows us to transfer AWS resources within a Virtual network that is very similar to your normal network within your data center. You can take advantage of the AWS infrastructure’s scalable capabilities.
Amazon S3: Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), primary purpose is to store, retrieve, and protect data from “buckets”, on any device, at any place, at any time. Flat architecture is the S3 service. The user creates a bucket and the bucket stores the objects in the cloud.
Amazon RDS: Amazon Relational Database Service allows us to easily set up, manage, and scale a relational data base within the cloud. It also provides us with resizable, cost-efficient capabilities.
Amazon Kinesis: Amazon Kinesis gives us the ability to buffer, process streaming and ingest data

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