AWS Partner Launches VMware Cloud in AWS Accelerator

2nd Watch, an Amazon Web Services (AWS), managed service provider based in Seattle, Wash. has launched a new program to help customers deploy the VMware Cloud on AWS solution.
“Solution Accelerator VMware Cloud on AWS” provides consulting, planning, and deployment support for VMware customers who are planning to move to AWS.
AWS and VMware have offered the VMware Cloud on AWS service since last fall to enable their customers to integrate their VMware environments with AWS tools. This solution is for companies that want to run hybrid computing scenarios without the need to rewrite or buy new hardware.
According to Jeff Aden, Executive Vice President, the 2nd Watch accelerator is available as of Thursday. It aims to make it even easier to move to AWS cloud, especially for “very dedicated and denhard VMware users,” Jeff Aden stated.
Aden stated in a prepared statement that “skilled and experienced 2nd Watch Engineers will help customers understand how to migrate, bursting, and back-up data to VMware Cloud On AWS and assist customers as they move to the cloud regardless where they are on the journey.”
The 2nd Watch accelerator will provide customers with four weeks of support as they deploy VMware Cloud on AWS. 2nd Watch will help customers to “analyze their current VMware environment”, create a plan to run that infrastructure on VMware Cloud, and then execute a pilot.
2nd Watch can also assist customers in making cost projections and implementing best practices.
You can find more information about 2nd Watch’s Solution Accelerator VMware Cloud on AWS here.

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