Microsoft & Global Knowledge Attack Skills Gap Head On

IT is changing. Innovation has opened many doors and revealed valuable technologies that can benefit both professionals as well as organizations. But tech’s rapid advancement also has consequences–primarily, the demand for new skills has outpaced skill availability.
Although skills gaps are a problem for many industries (three out of four IT departments are currently affected), the quest to innovate is not slowing down. Skills gaps do not have to be a problem. Instead, IT and IT training providers need to embrace disruption in the industry and address global skills gaps directly.
Microsoft is one technology provider who has carefully adapted their curriculum in order to increase Azure skills adoption. Global Knowledge has joined Microsoft’s evolution to support their new strategy and to accelerate Azure consumption. We fight change with change. Here’s how it happened.

A new Azure strategy in 2019
Global Knowledge is Microsoft’s most innovative learning partner. This year, Global Knowledge achieved the following milestones:
We have the largest and most comprehensive Azure portfolio anywhere in the world
We are agile and quick in bringing new Azure courses and resources to market.
We have achieved tangible Azure results
Cloud computing is the No. This year, cloud computing is the No. 1 investment area for IT professionals. Global Knowledge recognizes the potential of Microsoft Azure and supports the recent alignment with role-based courses, certifications, and courses. This evolution was made to align with specific jobs and not core technologies and to improve business outcomes.

How Global Knowledge helps Microsoft’s new curriculum
Global Knowledge needed to quickly respond to Microsoft’s new strategy. Global Knowledge was the first to market with the new Azure curriculum. We also redesigned our Azure learning paths to be compatible with the role-based certifications. We used Microsoft’s new learning assets and cultivated them, before deploying them on a larger and more strategic basis. We put Microsoft resources in front people who really need them–the IT professionals who will greatly benefit from the skills acquired through Microsoft’s certifications and curriculum.
The results have been encouraging. Over 3,200 students have taken the core Azure course that aligns to a new certification this year. Year after year, we have trained 1,263 more Azure students.
Global Knowledge also created three Azure-exclusive boot camps that no one else offers. The Azure Solution Architect Boot Camp (AZ-301 and AZ-300) has been the most popular of our new boot camps. It continues to gain momentum.

Greater access to Microsoft Free Courses
Budget and time constraints can make it difficult to continue learning. We have made it easier to access free, self-paced Microsoft courses through MOOCs and Learning as a Service. These courses are available for free to fill in the gaps between formal training. We have taken steps to make them more accessible.

Microsoft-supporting learning modalities
Global Knowledge offers many delivery options to suit the needs of all learners. These are the modalities that Microsoft authorized courses are available:
Instructor-led training (ILT), and virtual instructor-led learning (vILT).
Blended Live (Global Knowledge Exclusive)
Master Classes (Global Knowledge exclusive)
Microsoft Cloud Workshops (MCW)
MOOCs, Individual or via Learning as a service
Azure Boot Camps (Global Knowledge exclusive)
Azure Admin Transition Course (Global Knowledge exclusive)
MOC On-Demand

Nearly 4,100 students have taken an Azure MOOC, MCW or MOD, a 45% increase on 2018.
Microsoft courses are also the foundation of our recently released All Access IT Skills Subscription. This subscription includes 12 months of unlimited online access to classroom and on demand courses.

Azure ro can be achieved in the right way

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