Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Get Started with Azure Proficiency. In this series of webinars about Microsoft Azure, we start by explaining what a Cloud is. It is essential that we know what Azure is so that we can fully appreciate it. In future webinars we will discuss how to migrate to Azure and then look at the different services that Azure offers. Slide deck

T. Bert Penney

Bert began his career as a technician supporting HP mini computers. After this experience, Bert took four years off from his job to complete his Bachelor in Computer Science degree at Acadia University. After completing his BCS, Bert began working for the Government of NWT and then for the Government of Canada. He gained extensive experience and knowledge throughout his career in many areas, including project management, technical assistance, and software development using Oracle Powersoft, Novell and Microsoft products. Bert has also taught computer courses at the post-secondary levels, including software systems analysis, design methods, Microsoft network administration and MS Access programming. Bert brings together his vast hands-on experience, past teaching experience, as well as the official curriculum to ensure a comprehensive approach to each course’s delivery. This Webinar will teach you: Learn the definition and purpose of “Cloud”; Examine how Microsoft Azure fulfills that definition; Examine the differences between on-premise and cloud environments; Examine the similarities and differences in the services offered by a Cloud to on-premise networks. Related Courses: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ900T01); Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (2-Day) (AZ900T00).

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