Global Knowledge Abstract This e-book details the six steps along the learner’s journey. People are the heartbeat of any organization. Success can only be achieved by developing the people who manage technology and business processes. Learn how to identify and close skill gaps, choose a training provider, and evaluate success. Sample: Identify skills gaps IT is currently facing a shortage of the necessary skills. The gap between the skills required and those possessed is increasing. Nearly 80% global IT decision-makers say that their employees lack the skills they need. Skills gaps are disrupting professionals and organizations. Skills gaps may not always be right in front of your eyes, but they could be hiding in plain view. You might be falling behind, and not even realize it. Once you are aware of what to look out for, you can start closing the gaps. Signs that there are potential skills gaps. Being proactive in recognizing these red flags is a key indicator of your success. These issues shouldn’t be left to fester and eventually become a problem. You must reach out to them. Peers and management express frustration about project and deployment delays People are being hired with new skills because there isn’t enough talent in-house Organization is afraid of legacy systems Unhappy, or even disgruntled workforce Employees ask a lot of job-related questions. High employee turnover. Hearing horror stories from other companies and realizing that your organization is having similar problems.

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