Top 4 Free Web Conferencing Software

You want to connect with your team via online meetings? These are the four free web conferencing options.

In the next few years, remote work will be the norm. A Gartner report (content only available to Gartner clients) states that remote work will see a 30% increase in demand by 2030 due to Generation Z’s strong preference.
Businesses need to start planning now to be competitive and relevant in this new world. Businesses can start by investing in technology, particularly those that allow for remote communication such as web conferencing.
We understand that not all businesses can afford expensive technology. This is why we created this report, which lists the top four web conferencing solutions and includes a free plan.
This article will focus on four highly-rated free web conferencing software solutions. Check out the complete list of free web conference software solutions here.
Google Meet
ZoomFor more information on how we selected these products you can see our methodology below.

1. FreeConference
Rating and reviews: 4.5/5 from 21+ reviews
FreeConference is a web conference tool that supports audio and video calling, screen sharing and mobile apps. The drag-and-drop chat interface allows users to share files, messages, and documents in a web conference.
The free version offers all the essential web conferencing features, but there is a limit of 100 participants in audio calls and five participants on the web. It also doesn’t offer phone support or audio recording.

Web conferencing in FreeConference. Source
Users praise the tool’s ease-of-use and wide range of features. Some users also complain about poor audio quality and call drops. Upgrade cost
For 15 participants on the web, it starts at $9.99
Mobile apps
Android and iOS
Rating and reviews: 4.5/5 from 162+ reviews comes with video conferencing, screen sharing, remote desktop, and chat functionalities. The host must download the desktop app to start a web conference session. Participants can be invited by sharing the conference link via social media channels, email or the Outlook plugin. Participants can communicate with one another by sharing files and sending messages via the chat console.
The free version has no limitations on features, but the maximum number of participants per audio or video conference session is 1,000.

Starting a web conference in (Source)
Users appreciate the fact that the free version supports large numbers of participants. However, they would like to see fewer calls dropped when attendees join via phone. Upgrade cost
Mobile apps
Android and iOS
3. Google Meet
Rating and reviews: 4.5/5 from 8,239+ Reviews
Google Meet is a web-conferencing tool that offers features such as group chats and video/voice calls. It also allows screen sharing. Open Meet by logging in to Gmail or downloading the Chrome extension. Participants can also use the chat interface during the conference to share files and messages.
Meet’s free version offers all the necessary web-conferencing features. However, the limit of 60 minutes per webconference is set by Google. This will be removed starting in September 2020.

Google Meet (Source) Web conferencing
The tool’s intuitive interface is appreciated by users. Users also like its automatic sync with Google calendar. Some users would like to see virtual backgrounds. Upgrade cost
Mobile apps
Android and iOS
4. Zoom
Rating and reviews: 4.6/5 from 4,906+ rev

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