AWS Billing and Cost Management Certification

AWS Billing and Cost Management
AWS Billing and Cost Management allows you to pay your AWS bill, track your usage, and budget your expenses. Analyzing Costs with Graphs
Budgets can be used for AWS costs tracking to see usage-to date and estimated charges from AWS
Budgets use Cost Explorer’s cost visualization to show the status of your budgets and forecast your estimated costs.
CloudWatch alarms can be created using budgets. These alarms notify you when your budgeted amount is exceeded or when estimated costs exceed your budget.
Notifications can also be sent to the SNS topic and to the email addresses associated to your budget notificationCost Allocation Tags
You can use tags to organize AWS resources and cost allocation tags for tracking AWS costs at a detailed level.
AWS activates cost allocation tags to organize resource costs on the cost report. This makes it easier to track and categorize your AWS costs.
AWS offers two types of cost allocation tags: an AWS-generated tag AWS creates, applies, and defines the AWS tag.
You can define, create, and modify user-defined tags
Both types of tags must first be activated separately before appearing in Cost Explorer or on a report on cost allocation. Alerts on Cost Limits
CloudWatch can be used for creating billing alerts when AWS costs exceed certain thresholds
When the usage exceeds threshold amounts, AWS sends an email notificationConsolidated Billing
Refer to my blog post about Consolidated Billing
Questions for AWS Certification Exam Practice
Questions are collected via the Internet. The answers are marked according to my knowledge and understanding (which may differ from yours).
AWS services are constantly updated and the answers and questions may be out of date soon. So make sure to research accordingly.
AWS exam questions cannot be updated to keep up with AWS updates. This means that even if the underlying feature has been changed, the question may not be updated.
We are open to feedback, discussion, and correction. An organization has been using AWS for a few months. The finance team would like to see the pattern of AWS spend. This requirement can be met by which of the following AWS tools: AWS Cost Manager
AWS Cost Explorer (Check Cost Explorer)
AWS CloudWatch
AWS Consolidated Billing (Will Not Help Visualize)
Your company wants to know where the company’s production AWS account is spending its money. There are many services and applications running at once. How can you provide a business with a clear understanding of which applications are most expensive per month? Create an automation script that periodically creates AWS Support tickets asking for detailed information about your bill.
CloudWatch Metrics can be used in your system. You can also place a metric datapoint whenever a cost is incurred.
AWS Cost Allocation Tag can be used for all resources that support it. To analyze monthly costs, use the Cost Explorer. (Refer link)
You can use the AWS Price API to calculate total price by multiplying consumed resources over time. How do you see the notification?AWS CloudWatch Events are tied to API calls. When certain thresholds have been exceeded, publish to SNS.
Keep a record of your billing and use it to pump into Kinesis.
AWS CloudWatch Metrics + Billing Alarm + Lambda event subscription. Email the manager if a threshold is exceeded.
Scrape the billing page and publish to SNS.A user has been planned

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