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You are proud to have passed the PMP exam and received your PMP certification. You have put in long hours and months of effort to earn your PMP Certification. Now it is time for you to make it a profitable venture. Although you know you deserve a raise it can be difficult to have that conversation. This article will help you learn how to negotiate a salary increase.
First, you aren’t asking for anything unusual. Employees are used to asking for a raise if they have reached a milestone or received certification in a professional area.
Master of Project Academy recently conducted a survey to assess post-project management certifications for those who have taken the certification exam within the last 12 month. The survey results were based on 628 responses from participants from 124 countries. According to the survey results, 41.06% reported that they received a certification within the last 12 month.
How to negotiate a salary increase? What can you do to prove your case and get a raise? The whole process should be treated as a business case. You can use the PMP prep and PMI resources to help you build your case for a raise in pay.
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Steps to Negotiate a 10% Salary Increase
You are signaling to your employer that your performance is above average by asking for a raise. This also indicates that you are willing to take on more responsibility. You should be able quantify the benefits of PMP Certification. You should be prepared to discuss this in-depth if you want to be successful. Your manager will listen to you if you can prove your point and convince them that your skills are better and will benefit the company.
According to Master of Project Academy’s survey, 36.84% of participants who have earned Project Management Professional Certifications (PMP) reported an increase in their salaries of more than 10%

These steps can help you prepare your “Pay Increase” business case and secure the desired 10% increase.
What is your professional value to the company?
To determine the value of your skills, do market research
Get ready for the important conversation with your manager
To gain confidence, practice before the meeting
Be flexible in negotiations
1. What is your professional value to the company?
To be able to negotiate a raise, it is important to understand what value you bring to the company. Your personal and professional strengths, education, and how they all benefit your employer should be clear. You must identify the current value and benefits that you bring to the company, and how your future performance can be improved based on the knowledge gained during preparation and passing the PMP exam.
You will also need to list your industry experience, your most successful projects, leadership skills, and current salary. All of this information will be necessary to help you build your case. You can add some unique insights and important facts to your case that will help you prove your value to the company.
For some tips, see the Project Manager Qualities

2. To determine the value of your skills, do market research
It is possible that you have worked for the same company for more than a decade. Perhaps you weren’t interested in the earnings of others in similar industries.

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