2022 How to Get PMP Certification Guide. Get the PMP in your First Attempt.

PMP certification is the most popular and respected project management certification in the world. Many professionals worldwide are looking for ways to obtain PMP certification in the first attempt. It is not an easy exam. To maintain your credential, you must learn how to prepare for Project Management Professional certification exam.
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In this post, we have covered the five “how-to”s for Project Management Professional certification. Let’s continue reading to learn more about PMP certification.
How to prepare for the PMP Exam
The first step in preparing for the exam is to determine your exam date. Everyone wants to pass the exam within a day. It is not possible. Even though you may have years of experience in project management, it is not enough to be certified Project Management Professional. You might also have an excellent project management background. You won’t be able to get PMP certification if you don’t have project management knowledge. You need to set a realistic exam date.
It takes approximately five to six months to earn Project Management Professional certification for a full time working professional. Although preparation times can vary for each candidate, this is the average time for our past 200,000+ PMP students. Consider your personal schedule, dedication, and background before you choose an exam date.
Once you have determined the exam date, create a PMP study plan for yourself. Many candidates believe that there is one way to get certification or how to prepare for it. Unfortunately, you will need to create your own study plan. We have a great guide to help you prepare your study plan.
We have a seven-step study plan that we have developed after helping more than 200,000 professionals from over 180 countries. It has a 99.6% pass rate on the first attempt. This PMP study guide can be used to help you create your own prep plans.
The Project Management Professional certification exam will evaluate both your knowledge and experience in project management. Even if you’re a seasoned project manager, you need to know how to prepare for this exam. Enrolling in a comprehensive training course is a critical part of getting your PMP certification on your first attempt.
What training options are available?
There are many training options available. There are three types of Project Management Professional certification courses you can take:
Classroom Training
Live Classroom Training
Online Training

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Most candidates now opt for online PMP training options after 2010. This post will discuss the pros and cons of online PMP training.

Check out the Top 3 Benefits Of Online Training

How to Pass the Exam
This is the first step in obtaining your PMP certification. You will need to prepare a study plan and attend a comprehensive training. These might not be enough to prepare you for the certification exam. We’ll give you two more tips to help you pass the exam on your first attempt.
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