Audit of PMP Exam Applications

Are you afraid that your PMP exam application will be selected for an audit?
If so, this article is for your. This article will explain what the PMP certification audit looks like and what you can do to pass it.
Before you can start, you need to know when your application will be selected for an audit. It is a random process and only a few applications are selected for audit.
Your PMP exam application must be submitted first. PMI will review it for accuracy and completeness. After that, you will receive an email from PMI confirming that your application was reviewed and that you can proceed to pay the PMP examination fees. Do as instructed.
Here comes the decisive part. After paying the fees, you will receive an email from PMI containing your PMP candidate ID. This ID can be used to schedule the PMP exam at a Prometric center near you. Prometric will send you an e-mail confirming your chosen PMP exam schedule once you have done this.
If your application is selected for an audit, however, you will not be sent a mail containing your PMP candidate ID (once you have paid the fees). Instead, you will get an e-mail from PMI advising you about the next steps and letting you know that your application was selected for audit.
First, you need to not panic if this happens. It is an audit and not a bomb blast. The worst thing that could happen is that you won’t be able to pass the audit and will have to reapply for the PMP exam. PMI will refund your PMP exam fees less $100 processing fees in the latter case. The sky is not falling.
PMI will require you to send hard copies of your education, training, or experience certificates via snail mail (regular mail, express courier service). For your documents to be sent, you can choose the nearest PMI center to your residence. The audit notification mail will contain the details of your documents and the postal addresses of all PMI centers where you can send them in. Send PMI the documents requested and wait for their response.
PMI will review your documents and let you know if it is satisfied with them. If they are satisfied with your documents, PMI will send you another email informing you that the audit was successful. This will also include your PMP candidate ID. You can then schedule your PMP exam. PMI may send you another mail requesting additional information or supporting documents if you are not satisfied with the documents you have sent. Send them the documents requested. PMI will issue you a candidate identification or inform you that you failed to complete the audit successfully. If this happens, you should apply for the PMP exam again.
A close friend was recently selected for an audit and was done in less than 10 days. You don’t have to be afraid if you can provide documentation of your experience in managing projects and your education and training qualifications.
Don’t let fear of audit stop you from pursuing your PMP certification.
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