Five Career Options for a Degree in Project Management

It is easy to choose a career path after a degree because of the many opportunities. Experts recommend that you become a “PMP certified project manager”, which is an additional certification for project managers, to improve your resume and increase your chances to get job offers. Let’s take a look below at five great career options and how you can get them.
1. Manager of IT projects
As an IT project manager, your job may include managing vendor relationships and developing strategies for long-term product delivery. You will also be responsible to calculate operational costs, oversee cloud services, and select new partners in tech.
A bachelor’s degree in IT-related fields such as computer engineering or computer science should be combined with a master’s degree in project management. Next, you will need experience working with large-scale technology service providers. Before you apply for any job, you can “upskill” your self. This means you can add more relevant experience to you resume or take courses that will make you stand out from the rest. You can upskill by working closely with executives to develop performance metrics. This will allow you to understand enterprise architecture better.
2. Manager of Legal Projects
As a legal project manager you will be responsible to create workflows that allow for efficient legal translations, build client relationships, and train other members of your department.
You will need a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in project administration to be able to do this job. Experience in managing litigation-related projects, as well as working with paralegals, lawyers, and other legal professionals is required. This will allow you to organize large amounts data. You can take courses in desktop publishing and other specialized software that is used most often in legal offices to get ahead of the rest.
3. General Project Management Office
As the leader of a general management office, you will contact stakeholders and other government-program representatives on behalf of your agency. You will also be responsible to oversee all major projects and hold meetings to engage your business’s right people.
A bachelor’s degree in project management can help you start your career. You will also need to become a PMP. This will allow you to jumpstart your career by getting experience in managing smaller projects, such as data warehouse, using programs such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio and the entire Microsoft Office suite. It is worth investing in your education using the most recent versions of these programs.
4. Real Estate Project Manager
If you are interested managing clients and meeting financial goals, you will be a real estate manager.
This career path requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering, accounting, business, or engineering as well as a master’s degree in project management. After that, you will need at least two years of experience in an accounting position. To be able to apply for the best jobs, you will need to be proficient with the Microsoft Office Suite and have experience using any r software.

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