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State: New York
Professional: Microsoft Certifications — MCP, MCSD, and MCBDA.
Since 2001, CBT
When I’m not creating SPOTO videos, you can find me… at home flipping the house with my two–soon-to-be three–energetic, awesome children; all the while driving mom crazy. You’ll find me at work designing applications for clients using the most cutting-edge Microsoft technologies.
Favorite Nuggets: Anything from the early days of Visual Studio 6, such as Nuggets about programming in Visual Studio 6. It’s retro and cool, and it takes me back to the time I (sorta) had hair.
The best thing about being a trainer? I have a natural knack for problem-solving. I treat the people I train as problems, not literally! We’re trying solve the problem of not knowing. It’s a wonderful feeling when knowledge is successfully transferred!
Because… Software and people are my two favorite things, I am passionate about IT training. It’s incredibly rewarding and amazing to have the chance to work with both of them.
Note: Garth will host a Google+ Hangout on Thursday, March 22, at 12 p.m. Eastern. He will be discussing new features in SQL 2012, such as AlwaysOn Availability, Sequence objects, and Windows Server Core Support. Go to the SPOTO G+ page to join this Google+ Hangout.
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