Brian Alderman is the trainer

Scottsdale, Arizona is where he resides
Expertise/certifications: MCT/MCSE, MCSA and MCITP SQL 2005/2008 Database Administrator, MCITP SharePoint Administrator 2010, MCTS MOSS 2007 – Configuration and MCTS WSS 3.0 – Configuration, PMP.
Brian is also an expert in SharePoint integration and SQL Server Server over the past few years.
SPOTO since April 2014
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Start training I love to travel and give back to the community so I can speak at conferences. You can find my speaking schedule here. You can check the site often as I add dates and I may be in your area soon. Apart from travel, I enjoy golf. While I don’t claim to be a pro at it, I do enjoy being outdoors and how golf helps me unwind.
Being a trainer is the best thing about my job. It allows me to help others grow their careers. It is rewarding to see how many people I have helped to make their careers successful. This in turn has a positive impact on their lifestyles.
Because of one word, convenience, I am passionate about video training. Individuals can set up a schedule that suits their needs to attend courses that will positively impact their careers. Because everyone can choose what, when and where they want to learn the information in the videos, video training is convenient. Video training is convenient because it allows people to learn and grow without affecting their personal and professional lives.
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