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Cloud computing, which offers a wide range of essential services and is offered by leading providers such as Google, has shown potential growth in technology industry. Google Cloud computing services provide a safe environment that makes work easier and saves time and money. Certification exams are essential for improving the professional’s knowledge and providing better solutions.
Google must stay current with the latest technologies and innovations in order to keep its position. It doesn’t matter if it is a certification, or any services that allow for innovation and new skills, it is important to keep everything current. To get a better understanding, let’s examine the modifications and changes in the GCP exams as well as the list active exams.
What’s new with the Google Certifications?
1. Introduction to the Looker’s Certificate
The Looker Certification exams assess data expert skills. Candidates can earn this certification and gain expert-level data expertise by displaying their Looker knowledge. This certification will enhance their resume and provide them with skills that will help them secure a job.
Looker registration and certification will be moved to Google Cloud as of July 1, 2021.
Two certifications are offered by The Looker:
1. Looker Business Analyst
A Looker Business Analyst can create content and build reports. They can also use visualizations to communicate data in Lookers every day. To pass the exam, a Business Analyst must be able use Looker to query data, provide actionable metrics, examine accuracy of data, and use procedural ideas to find error sources. The exam also assesses the candidate’s ability to:
First, scheduling and sharing Looks as well as dashboards
Table calculations are second.
Lastly, looker expressions
Fourth, advanced and custom filters
Then, the impacts of pivoting
Lastly, best practices around designing dashboards
Details about the exam can be found here
2. Looker LookML Developer
A Looker LookML developer is proficient in data, LookML, SQL, as well as business intelligence technologies. They are able to analyze current model problems, implement data security requirements, develop LookML objects and maintain LookML projects’ health. This exam will also test candidates’ ability to:
First, maintaining and debugging LookML codes
Second, creating user-friendly Explores
Third, design robust models
Fourth, the definition of caching policies
Learn about various datasets, related schemas, and looker tool.
For more details check here!
2. Cloud Digital Leader: Addition of a foundational exam
A Cloud Digital Leader is a person who helps businesses to understand the capabilities of Google Cloud’s main products, and services. They can discuss common business use cases and cloud solutions to help an organization. The exam also tests applicants’ knowledge in three areas.
First, general cloud knowledge
Secondly, general Google Cloud knowledge
Google Cloud products, services and applications are last but not least.
For more details check here!
3. New Professional Machine Learning Engineer Exam
A Professional Machine Learning Engineer can plan, create, and produce machine-learning models to solve business problems using Google Cloud technologies. They also have knowledge of proven machine-learning models and approaches. They are responsible for ensuring the long-term viability and sustainability of models by validating AI during the ML development process, and collaborating closely to other job positions. The ML Engineer is also proficient in data pipeline interaction, model construction, and metrics interpretation. The exam also evaluates applicants in these areas:
First, Frame ML problems
Architect ML solutions are second.
Third, Design data preparations and processing systems
Next, Develop ML models
Then, Automate & orchestrate ML pipelines

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