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Cloud computing has seen a significant increase in the technology market sector. Many services are provided by top suppliers like Google. Google Cloud computing services offer a safe and useful environment that makes work easier and reduces costs. Professionals need to be certified to help them improve their skills and provide better solutions.
Google must stay current with the latest technology and advancements in order to keep its position. This means that the content and certification must be updated to reflect current technology. To allow applicants to take advantage of this opportunity and learn new skills. Let’s take a look at the changes and modifications made to the GCP exams, including the list of active exams.
What’s new with the Google Certifications?
1. Additional Looker’s Certificate
The Looker Certification exams are known for validating data expertise. By acquiring certification in this area, candidates will be able distinguish themselves as data experts. This will help you to expand your resume and show that you have established talents that will lead you to a job.
It is important to know that Looker Certification and registration will be migrated to Google Cloud as of July 1, 2021.
Two certifications are offered by The Looker:
1. Looker Business Analyst
Looker Business Analysts use Looker every day to create and curate content, develop reports, and use visualizations to represent data. A Business Analyst must be able to use Looker to query data, create actionable metrics, validate data accuracy, and apply procedural concepts to find error sources. They must be able to use procedural concepts to curate content for intuitive navigation and manage it for security. The exam tests the candidate’s ability to:
First, scheduling and sharing Looks as well as dashboards
Table calculations are second.
Lastly, looker expressions
Fourth, advanced and custom filters
Then, the impacts of pivoting
Lastly, best practices around designing dashboards
Exam Course Outline
These topics include:
The exam will take 100 minutes. Questions will be multiple choice and multiple select. The exam costs $250 and can be taken in English. The exam requires that business analysts have at least 5 months experience with Looker for data visualization, report development, and dashboard best practices.
2. Looker LookML Developer
A Looker LookML developer works with LookML data and is proficient with SQL and BI tools. They are skilled in managing models, including troubleshooting model errors, implementing data security requirements and building LookML objects. They also maintain LookML project health. The LookML Developers plan new LookML dimensions and measure and create explores for users to answer their business questions. They are able to maintain quality, use version control for code quality analysis, and use SQL runners to validate data. This test will measure a candidate’s ability:
First, maintaining and debugging LookML codes
Second, creating user-friendly Explores
Third, design robust models
Fourth, the definition of caching policies
Understanding various datasets and associated schemas is the final step.
Text editor
Looker’s SQL Runner
Validator for Content
LookML Validator
Version control

Exam Course Outline
These are the subject areas:
Model management
The exam will take 100 minutes. Questions will be multiple choice and multiple select. The exam costs $250 and can be taken in English. The recommended experience is Lastly

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