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Google Cloud computing services provide a safe environment for businesses to work more efficiently and save time and money. Here Certification exams are essential for enhancing a professional’s skills and providing superior solutions that ensure success. Google must stay current with the latest technologies and innovations in order to remain relevant. This means that everything must be updated regularly, regardless of whether it’s a certification or another service for introducing new skills or innovation. To get a better understanding, you can look at the Google Cloud certifications’ modifications and updates, as well the list of ongoing test, to gain a better understanding.
What’s new with the Google Certifications?
1. Professional Cloud Database Engineer BETA
Registration:Opens April 12
Length: 4 hours
Register fee: $120 (plus tax if applicable).
Language: English
Exam format: Multiple choice and multiple select
Exam Delivery Method
You can take the online-proctored exam from a remote location.
At the atesting center, take the onsite-proctored examination.
Recommendation: 5+ years of IT and database experience, with 2 years of experience using Google Cloud database solutions.
A Professional Cloud Database Engineer is a database expert with two years of Google Cloud experience and five year’s overall database and IT experience. The Professional Cloud Database Engineer manages and troubleshoots Google Cloud databases that are used to store and retrieve data from applications. The Professional Cloud Database Engineer must be able to translate business requirements into cost-effective and scalable database solutions.
2. Retirement of a Looker Business Analyst
The Looker Business Analyst exam was resigned on December 31, 2021.
Note: The Looker Business Analyst exam is no more available for registration. You may log in and register for your Looker Certification test using your current Google Cloud profile on Kryterion/Webassessor.
Summarizing GCP Exams
1. Foundational Certification
The foundational level certification certifies knowledge of cloud principles and Google Cloud products and services, tools, features and benefits. It also includes a focus on Google Cloud capabilities.
Exams:Cloud Digital Leader
2. Associate certification
The associate-level certification focuses on the basics of setting up, monitoring, and maintaining Google Cloud Projects.
Exams:Associate Cloud Engineer
3. Professional certification
Professional certifications are for advanced skills in managing, designing, and implementing.
Professional Cloud Architect
Professional cloud developer
Professional Data Engineer
Cloud DevOps Engineers
Professional Cloud Security Engineer
Professional Cloud Database Engineer BETA
Cloud Network Engineers
Professional Collaboration Engineer
Professional Machine Learning Engineer
4. Looker’s Certificate
Looker Certification exams are well-known for validating data expert knowledge. Candidates will be able differentiate themselves in the data world by demonstrating their Looker expertise and earning a certification in this area. This will allow you to build your resume by showcasing the proven talents that will help you get a solid career.
Looker LookML Developer
Final words
We’ve already covered the updates and changes to the Google certification and training. Google makes these changes to its training and tests to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest technology. This certification gives individuals access to the most current knowledge. Take advantage of the information provided to keep up-to-date on the latest GCP developments. You can also decide which test is best for you and begin preparing for it.

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