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COVID-19 is making its way around the world. We understand that you are under tremendous pressure to keep your Google Cloud certification preparation current. All educational institutions around the globe have been subject to Quarantine. This terrible epidemic has gripped us all. This epidemic has ravaged our entire world, not just our families, friends, and coworkers. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), has caused a host of new problems that have forced us all to rethink our work practices.
Google Cloud Platform is used worldwide by many businesses and consumers to stay connected and get work done. Google Cloud Platform takes this responsibility very seriously. They have devised solutions that will undoubtedly help applicants stuck in the middle or their preparation. Don’t get frustrated and put off your education. There are many educational options available. This allows many people who don’t want to go to college to be able to study their favorite subjects online. Online education is particularly appropriate in light of recent events such as the response to the epidemic. Today, we will be sharing some details about Google Cloud Platform readiness. There is no need to pause the certification process.
Google Cloud Certifications Updates -2020
Because coronavirus (COVID-19), is constantly changing around the world. Google Cloud Platform is committed to the safety, health, and well-being our customers, employees, and partners. This issue is being addressed by authorities around the world. Google Cloud Platform has made several improvements to its certification program. Google Cloud Platform is adapting to the current climate by establishing a wide range of partners. This ensures that everyone can continue to learn and obtain Google certifications. Let’s first go over all the updates to certifications. Let’s take an in-depth look at the certification programs that are currently being offered to candidates.
Google Cloud Certification Exams
As we all know, Google is one the top three cloud service provider in the cloud market. Google Cloud certifications are becoming more relevant as the Google Cloud Platform grows in popularity. Candidates can choose from three types of certifications offered through Google Cloud Platform. Here are some examples:
1. Associate certification
Associate-level certification is available for candidates who wish to learn the basics of managing, monitoring and installing Google Cloud projects. This certification is a great place to start if you are new to cloud computing. This certification is also a good starting point for professional-level certifications.
2. Professional certification
These professional certifications cover key technical job functions and assess advanced design, management, and implementation skills. These certifications are only for those with industry experience. They will also be familiar with Google Cloud products, solutions, and services.
3. Certification of the user
Candidates who have had experience with G Suite are eligible for the user certification. This certification is important because it determines an individual’s ability to use core collaboration tools.
Important Updates in conjunction with COVID-19
As the global response to COVID-19 unfolds, associations around the globe are adapting to a changing climate. Google Cloud Platform is currently focusing its efforts on helping customers navigate the effects of COVID-19. This could include assisting employees to work remotely, ensuring social service are available, and ensuring that communities have access the most current information about the virus. Google Cloud Platform now focuses its efforts on of

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