CompTIA CSA+ Changes To CySA+ CompTIA recently changed CySA+ to CSA+ as the acronym for its Cybersecurity Analyst exam. CompTIA and its partners are expected to complete the name switch by June 29, 2018, SPOTO subscribers will soon see the CompTIA security courses by Keith Barker updated. Keith Barker recently released the first two courses aligned to the CySA+ certificate:-CompTIA CySA+ Risk Management-CompTIA CySA+ Vulnerability management. The exam and its associated courses are still the same, and continue to hold a prominent place in CompTIA’s cybersecurity certification path. Learn how to become a cybersecurity expert with SPOTO Start training. The exam was created in 2017 and provides a path for IT professionals to master cybersecurity. CompTIA CySA+ bridges the gap between CompTIA Security+ (CASP) and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioners (CASP). It is still a government-approved exam that meets the ISO 17024 standard and fulfills Directive 8570.01M requirements from U.S. Department of Defense. The CySA+ exam content is a combination industry-wide survey feedback, and contributions from CompTIA’s team of subject matter specialists. It is developed and maintained in the best IT security experts. Check out Keith Barker’s course module on Threat Management and Vulnerability Management for more information about CompTIA’s CySA+ certification exam. You can also visit the SPOTO blog to get the most recent cybersecurity news. Download

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