Coach’s Playbook: The Best and Worst Excuses. “He who is good at making excuses is rarely good for anything else.” We’ve been looking for ways to overcome common excuses that can hinder your training over the past few weeks. We thought we’d end our series with a laugh. Here are the top five most entertaining excuses coaches have heard: “It’s been so busy with back school …” It’s often a perfectly valid reason to fall behind on training…but this learner didn’t work at a school nor do they have children. “I have been planning my birthday party.” We discovered that the birthday of this learner had passed us by three months earlier. “I’ve been partying a lot lately.” Ok, it was during the holidays, but really? I mean, how much eggnog can one consume? But points for honesty! “Sorry, if I sound a mess, but I’ve been drinking a lot of sour cream. To be clear, the learner was laughing about the PCP. At least that’s what we think. “Sorry. I was too ashamed to answer the phone. You get points for honesty, but we coaches are not in the business to shame people. We can always reach you by phone! We can always reach you by phone! You can refer to your list if you find yourself putting off your training because of lack of time. You can put off training for the 30 minutes or an hour that you need. Make a list of all the reasons that prevent you from training. Write down the reasons you have to give up. Next time you feel tempted to make excuses, use your strategies to overcome it! Choose positivity! You can see your training as a chance! Positive attitude will help you overcome obstacles, overcome challenges and, most importantly, believe in your potential to succeed. Stop hesitating! Next time you think, “I should really train right now,” get on board! Act immediately after that thought occurs in your mind! Encourage accountability from your colleagues and friends! You’re more likely than not to be asked about training by your family and friends. Don’t be afraid to trust your training! Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed by the training. Allow yourself to take baby steps during those times. Your training will be complete and holistic in the end. It may not seem obvious at first, but it will all make sense in the end. Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO Start training

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