The Benefits of IT Certifications for Your Business

IT Certifications & Professional Development
What is the purpose of a certification? A certification path is as important today’s technologically advanced environment as a college degree. A certification gives an individual the chance to show the world that they are skilled in a particular area. Many IT and professional employees display their certifications as trophies. Businesses are realizing this and allowing employees to continue their education through a certification pathway. Online learning has become a great way to learn new technologies, and to earn respectable certifications.
The IT industry is constantly evolving and changing. This means that IT professionals’ skills will need to change. Being certified is a sign of an advanced skill set. Businesses are noticing that those who are certified are more likely to be able to solve problems and understand new technologies better, and less likely leave their jobs.
Here are five reasons why businesses should seek IT certification training.
1. IT certifications give you a technical perspective. IT professionals need to have job experience. IT professionals are not able to assess situations and solve problems if they don’t have any prior experience. CompTIA A+ or Network+ certifications allow someone to assess their ability to solve problems and perform tasks. These certifications give IT professionals a level confidence from the beginning, rather than having to rely on job training.
Many IT professionals will tell their junior colleagues that they have more respect for those who have demonstrated the willingness to learn and pass these certifications. They also appreciate the ability to receive guidance and training from more experienced members of their team.
2. IT Certifications breed career commitment. As the difficulty level and specialization increase, so does determination and commitment. The professionals who put in the effort to obtain certifications are more committed to their chosen field and the organizations that train them.
3. IT certifications are great selling tools. Whether it’s on a resume or company website, technical credentials demonstrate expertise and commitment. If you don’t have the right certifications for your job as a tech professional or manager in a technology company, you could lose out on hundreds of other applicants.
4. IT Certification Training Reduces Downtime Many companies have to reduce their workforces and increase their workloads. It is crucial that organizations maximize the use of their remaining staff. One way to do this is by providing technology systems that increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.
IT certification programs provide staff with the training and instruction necessary to perform specific tech responsibilities. This allows for greater output. Employees who have been certified are less likely to make mistakes that lead to failure. When outages do occur, their training and knowledge will be a great help in speeding up recovery.
5. IT certifications help companies stay competitive. Previously, Japan was the greatest threat to US technology. Today, India and the Eastern Bloc countries are fierce competitors. American companies must invest in information technology training for their workforce if they want to remain competitive. Otherwise, businesses could be forced to outsource programmers, developers, and system architects.
While certification paths are highly desirable and highly sought-after they are often not easy to obtain. This is because most employees have very busy work hours. New Horizons is able to solve this problem. Our ONLINE LIVE certification path eliminates the need to travel and allows employees to train from wherever they are comfortable. Students can complete classes from their workplace or home, and then they can move on to their work.
New Horizons offers a wide range of vendor-specific certifications, including Microsoft, CompTIA and VMware, Red Hat (Lean Six Sigma), PMI, Red Hat, Red Hat, CompTIA and VMware, Red Hat, Red Hat, CompTIA, VMware, Red Hat and Red Hat.
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