How to Deploy a Citrix XenMobile Enterprise Solution

Citrix XenMobile Enterprise, also known as enterprise mobile management, is one of the most popular solutions for mobile device management. MDM/EMM is a core concept that allows organizations to manage and secure the mobile devices of their employees, mainly smartphones but also tablets. MDM/EMM is not easy to use. It requires balancing the convenience and familiarity of modern mobile hardware with the ever-changing set of corporate cybersecurity requirements to protect against a wide range of threats. Enterprise mobility management is a major challenge. Here are some reasons and how mobile devices can be used in the enterprise.
According to Citrix’s own Mobility Analytics Report, enrollment of mobile devices into enterprise MDM/EMMsolutionsincreased 72 percent between 2013 and 2015as bring-your-own-device initiatives surged in particular in the Americas, Asia and Oceania. Crowd Research Partners’ 2016 paper also showed that worldwide mobile device usage would surpass 12 billion by 2018 and that half of employers would require BYOD for 2017.
This document also sheds light on how mobile devices are used in the workplace.
According to the survey of 800 cybersecurity professionals it found that the top reason for BYOD adoption was to increase employee mobility. The runners-up were higher employee satisfaction (56%), and greater employee productivity (55%). 47% of respondents said that BYOD was available to all employees within their organizations. 40% also stated that cost reduction was a major motivator. Another 32 percent said that BYOD was only available to selected employees. Only 12 percent of respondents cited privacy concerns as a barrier to BYOD adoption. Any MDM/EMM solution that is worth its salt should be able address security issues that can lead to the demise of a BYOD initiative.
Why enterprise mobility is plagued by security concerns
Although there are many causes of BYOD security problems, the most common result is that IT departments end up overwhelmed with help desk tickets and other requests to fix or improve their systems. Crowd Research Partners survey respondents stated that more than one-third of them had to divert resources to mobile security. Only 27 percent reported having heavier workloads at their help desks.
Crowd Research Partners also identified the high prevalence of malware infections as well as unsecured Wi-Fi networks (e.g. public Wi-Fi hotspots), as major triggers for security incidents. Because these devices are mobile and not confined to a desk at an office, they are more difficult for IT personnel to secure. They may also connect to different networks and download personal apps along with business software.
How XenMobile Enterprise can be used by an organization to increase its mobility projects
These challenges are why it is not surprising that there is a huge market for “end user computing”, which Citrix calls a combination of virtual client computer and MDM/EMM to ensure proper supervision of mobile devices.
“The dominance Citrix has is an excellent reason for sharpening XenMobile skills.”
VCC includes technologies such as desktop virtualization and application virtualization. International Data Corporation, an IT research firm, estimated that Citrix’s combined annual revenues from VCC and MDM/EMM exceeded $1.5 billion in May 2016. This makes Citrix the largest vendor in this space. MarketsandMarkets projects that MDM/EMM will be a $5 billion industry by 2021.
Current and aspiring IT professionals have a great reason to sharpen their skills by becoming Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility (CCP–M). XenMobile solves many problems, as demonstrated by features such:
Citrix Secure forms allows you to create mobile apps quickly. You can also access Microsoft Office 365 on your mobile device. Unified endpoint management makes it easy for admins. XenMobile is a trusted option for MDM/EMM. It also includes additional capabilities for content and app management, as well as secure network gateways.
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