What’s new in 2022: Changes to Cisco Certification Program

November 11, 2021Ciscois an online certification vendor that offers a variety of certificates to interested candidates. They offer certificates in a variety of subject areas. Some of these certificates include enterprise networking, CyberOps security, data center, DevNet, design and service providing. Cisco regularly updates and withdraws old certifications to stay relevant. Information on changes to the Cisco exams and certificates in 2022 is not available. One certification has been announced, the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert. We will take a closer look at the new option in this article.
CiscoCertified DevNet Expert – What is it?
CiscoCertified DevNet Expert is a certification that evaluates the competence of thespecialists in planning, designing, developing, and maintaining complexautomation-driven network environments as well as utilizing automationtechnologies, methodologies, and practices for the improvement of networking. The applicants must pass a written exam (Cisco 350-901) and a DevNet expert-level lab test to earn this certificate. The first one is from theprofessional-level certification path, while the lab test will be availablefrom May 2, 2022. Individuals who wish to pass both and earn this new option may be able to familiarize themselves with the exam domains.
Cisco Certified DevNet Expert: What Should You Know About Its Laboratory Exam?
The lab test will assess the ability of individuals to design solutions based on hybrid, on-premises, and public Cloud deployments. It will also recommend a deployment strategy that minimizes risk and impacts on serviceavailability. It will also evaluate their expertise in modifying the existingnetwork automation solutions based on the technical and business requirements,utilizing Git in a CI/CD development workflow, and troubleshooting issues witha CI/CD pipeline.
Furthermore,this exam pays attention to creating scalable solutions for infrastructureautomation, a RESTCONF or NETCONF payload based on a given YANG module, aNETCONF filter by utilizing XPath, and a basic Cisco NSO service package inorder to meet the given technical and business requirements. Besides that, the interestedprofessionals need to possess the expertise in creating, modifying, andtroubleshooting scripts by utilizing the SDK documentation and Python librariesto automate against APIs. It is also important to have the skills in automatingthe configuration of a Cisco IOS XE network device, deploying an app on a CiscoIOS XE device, modifying and troubleshooting an automated test by utilizingpyATS to meet the requirements, as well as creating the YANG model-driven telemetrysubscriptions.
This lab test focuses on creating Docker images, packaging, and deploying solutions utilizing Kubernetes and Docker Compose. It also teaches you how to create, consume, and troubleshoot a Docker host or bridge-based network. It also examines tokens and how they can be used to help you.

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