Is It Easy to Pass Cisco Certification for Network Engineers

When it comes to network engineer related certification, in addition to the computer technology and software specialized certification test launched by the government, Cisco certification can be said to be one of the well-known certifications launched by manufacturers. Compared with the computer technology and software specialized qualifications test, the certifications launched by the manufacturers receive more recognition from the industry in terms of the high value. The influence of Cisco itself is one reason, and the other is the difficulty of Cisco certification exam. However, we can’t generalize whether Cisco certification of network engineers is easy to pass or not. After all, there are many factors affecting the passing rate.

Cisco creates a complete certification system, which is made up of CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification, CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification and CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certification. Among them, the higher the level, the higher the value and the greater the difficulty. There is no doubt that this is a positive proportional relationship. So why is CCIE certification difficult to pass? One reason is that the form of CCIE certification exam is complex, and the other reason is that the content of the exam is relatively difficult. Let’s talk about the exam form first. The form of CCNA certification exam is the simplest and it is a written exam integrating nine directions into one. So there is only one direction. The content of the CCNA certification exam is basic, but the scope is relatively wide, and the difficulty counts probably two stars; CCNP certification exam are also in the written form, but there are two exams, a core exam and an optional one. Just choose the aspects you are interested in. The written exam of CCNP certification is the same as that of CCIE certification in the corresponding direction, and the difficulty is about 3.5 stars. In addition to a written exam, CCIE certification also requires an eight-hour lab exam, which is mainly for computer operation. The lab exam is rather difficult, therefore, the difficulty of CCIE certification exam can count more than five stars.

In addition to the level of Cisco certification exam that you choose, the way of learning will also have an impact on the difficulty of obtaining the Cisco certificate. When it comes to learning methods, you can either choose to teach yourself or take the Cisco certification training courses. If you choose self-study, you may find it difficult to pass Cisco certification. But if you participate in the training, you may feel that it can be easy to obtain even the CCIE certificate with the help and guidance of the training institutions. Of course, it also depends on your learning attitude. If you don’t take the classes seriously, taking part in the training will be useless.

On the one hand, by participating in the training, you can obtain guidance from teachers, and the problems encountered can be solved at any time, which will improve your enthusiasm of learning. On the other hand, it is very important that the training institution will provide opportunities for experimental operation, so that candidates can continuously consolidate in practice and master the key points of operation. In addition, training institutions have accumulated a lot of experience. What you learn is exactly the content of the exam and you don’t take detours. Standing on the shoulders of the predecessors to see the world, you will naturally have wider insight.

Of course, the personal foundation also affects the difficulty of Cisco certification for network engineers. This is more subjective. If you have a good personal foundation and are able to learn quickly, you will naturally feel that the difficulty is lower.

Anyway, it is difficult to pass Cisco certification for network engineers, especially CCIE certification. But participating in training is no doubt a good way to improve the passing rate!

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