What are the Top 8 Networking Certifications that will Benefit Your Career in 2020?

June 4, 2020 IT professionals can get certified to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a variety of fields. For those who work in the networking field, the certifications can help them excel in their careers and increase their salaries. IT professionals in the field of networking can choose from a range of certificates that prove their ability to build, maintain, and operate networks of all sizes and shapes. There are many credentials available. We recommend that you look at the top 8 network certifications to ensure that you choose the right path.
1. CompTIA A+
CompTIA A+ certification is great for entry-level IT professionals. It is also highly sought after by IT professionals from other branches. It is the industry standard for those starting their IT career or those with some experience. You must pass two exams to earn this credential (Core 1: 220-1001 & Core 2: 220-1002) which cover your skills in troubleshooting network, mobile device and PC issues, aswell as installing, supporting, understanding and supporting Windows OS, Linux, mobile OS and Mac OS. You will also learn about network types, including SOHO, TCP/IP and WiFi. It is a great starting point for CompTIA certificates at higher levels. A+ can also be used as a prerequisite to certifications from other vendors.
2. CompTIA Network+
CompTIA Network+ certification is the most sought-after in the networking industry. It covers basic knowledge of network concepts and operations as well as security. This certificate certifies that the candidate is proficient in managing network devices, designing and implementing networks, as well as troubleshooting common problems. This credential is for individuals in entry- and mid-level positions. These include network analysts and junior engineers. This certificate is also available to non-network specialists, such as computer technicians, information system consultants, system engineers, or system engineers. Network+ requires passing the N10-007 exam.
3. Wireshark WCNA
The Wireshark WCNA credential is the only one offered by Chappell University. It is authorized by Protocol Analysis Institute, Inc. It is administered by Kryterion, and validates one’s knowledge and proficiency in Wireshark technology. This certification also demonstrates your proficiency in various areas such as network security, network troubleshooting, TCP/IP communications, and network security. This highly sought-after certificate is available for professionals in more than 90 nations. It is well worth the effort, especially for those who specialize in these areas.

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