Booking Process for Sydney Airport Shuttle | Plan B Shuttle

Booking Process
Ready to book your personal ride with the Plan B Airport Shuttle?It’s easy going. Ride happy in four easy steps:
Step 1: Book the Journey
Make a reservation using our online booking form. If you are booking for the first time you might want to read our FAQ page.
While you wait we will calculate the optimum route for your airport pick-up service.

Step 2: Wait for our Confirmation
We will confirm the details within an hour of your first contact, either with email or a phone call. We’ll confirm the night before your travel to double check your details.
Step 3: Be Picked Up on the Day
Our calculated route is designed to get you to the airport 2 hours before an international flight, or 80 minutes before a domestic one, all contingencies accounted for? Any queries? Read our FAQs.
Step 4: Take the Ride!
Let yourself sit back and enjoy the ride. As a shuttle bus service we a qualified to use the bus lane on various sections of the Sydney system, meaning a faster, smoother journey that travelling by car.
For any enquiries about our Sydney Airport Shuttle bus Service call us on: 0415 825 119

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